How to… choose the right self tan

Tanned Woman Drinking Tea in Winter

There’s a good chance you’re feeling pretty pale right about now. While we’re all for embracing fair skin, it’s normal to want a hint of colour to feel our best. For us, there is no product that possesses the confidence boosting sorcery of a self tan. But with so many different self tanning products on the market, it can be hard to work out which one is right for you. That is, until now …

Sensitive skin? Go for natural active ingredients

Look for a self tan that uses natural DHA. DHA is the active ingredient in tanning products that gives your skin a sunless tan and can either be synthetically or naturally derived.

Natural DHA, which is often derived from sugar cane or beets, interacts with the protein and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce that golden colour we all love.

With your skin being your largest organ, it’s particularly important to choose products that use natural active ingredients. That’s why, all #ThereWeGlow’s self tanning mousses use 100% natural DHA … and are all vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Choose the right colour base

Self tan products can be based on different colours. As a general rule of thumb, all colour bases can be used on all skin tones; however, some people may find that they prefer a certain colour base for their unique skin type.

Our top pick for fair skin

#ThereSheGlows Self Tan Mousse Medium

#ThereSheGlows Self Tanning Mousse Medium For Women

This lightweight self tan mousse is perfect for those with lighter complexions and self tanning rookies as it develops into a subtle, natural glow. And once you get into the groove, this mousse can be layered to build up a more medium tan.

Our top pick for medium to dark skin

FOR HER: #ThereSheGlows Self Tan Mousse Dark

#ThereSheGlows Self Tanning Mousse Dark For Women

This violet-based self tanner is ideal for women with medium complexions (or who want to achieve darker tanning results) as the violet-base seeks to cancel out unwanted yellow tones. A great mousse that is easy to apply and leaves you with a rich, golden glow.

FOR HIM: #ThereHeGlows Self Tan Mousse Ultra Dark

#ThereHeGlows Self Tanning Mousse Ultra Dark For Men

The perfect complement for men seeking to enhance their muscle definition with a healthy, natural tan that can be layered for a deeper bronze colour. Ideal for men looking for an easy, fuss-free application with a neutral scent.  

And lastly, never forget to prep

Regardless of the chosen self tan it is important to make sure to prep your skin to ensure a flawless self tan. Not sure how to prep… well, make sure to keep following our journal for all the latest tips!

Stay Golden xx