How to… prep for a self tan

Tanned Woman Exfoliating

Want a more flawless and longer lasting self tan? Well, you’re not alone.

As with most things in life, preparation is the key to success … and the secret behind a natural-looking golden glow. That’s why the #ThereWeGlow team have collated this simple prep guide filled with golden advice to get you on your way to becoming a self tan guru.

Hydrate your skin in the days leading up

In the days prior to self tanning, keep your skin well hydrated and nourished (especially when the weather is cooler and drier) for a smoother self tan. This is particularly important for those spots that are notoriously dry such as elbows, knees and hands.

24-48 hours prior to self tanning

Bye, bye hair

Ideally, any hair removal should be carried out at least 24 to 48 hours prior to self tanning. This allows your skin time to recover, leading to a more natural and even self tan.

We know that sometimes there are last minute occasions that pop up or that are forgotten about until the last moment (guilty!) which do not fit our hair removal or self tanning plans. While not ideal, if you must carry out any shaving within the sacred 24-hour window prior to self tanning, make sure to rinse well in cold water after you finish shaving. This will help to minimise the production of excess oil from your pores which can affect the evenness of your self tan (and leave noticeable dark dots all over – eek!).

Let’s get exfoliating

Next step: exfoliation. A must-do for all self tanners seeking to avoid a patchy tan.

The process of using an exfoliating product (such as an exfoliating glove) to gently buff the skin complements our natural shedding process to remove dead, flaky skin cells (and any old self tan left on the skin), creating a smooth, blank canvas ready for a flawlessly even self tan – #tangoals!

Any exfoliation should also be done at least 24 hours prior to self tanning. Again, this allows your skin time to recover (especially if you are waxing – ouch!). TIP: Try to wash your hair prior to exfoliating so that any shampoo or conditioner residue left on the skin can be buffed away. 

If you need a little extra help removing any old self tan, try our lightweight #ThereWeGlow Reset Mousse. As our cleansing mousse is gentle and fast absorbing, for best results, we love to generously apply the mousse all over and leave for at least 30 minutes while we prep for dinner, check our emails or just relax with a face mask before rinsing off with warm water and a wet wash cloth.

Immediately prior to self tanning

Before applying any self tan, rinse off any deodorant, perfume, makeup, sweat and dirt to make sure your skin is completely clean and dry before applying any self tan product.

For more on how to apply self tan, keep an eye out for our next article.

Stay Golden xx