How to… apply self tan at home

Ready to get glowing but not sure how to best apply your #ThereSheGlows or #ThereHeGlows self tan mousse. Well, this article by the #ThereWeGlow team is for you.  

Achieving a flawless natural looking tan at home is as easy as following a few simple steps: a good prep routine, an amazing self tan (*enter #ThereSheGlows and #ThereHeGlows*) and the help of our Application Kit and a little bit of moisturiser.  We’re exploring each of these steps in The Glow-To Journal and this article is all about nailing the self tan application process.

Prep your skin

For a more flawless and longer lasting self tan, follow our simple skin prep routine on “How to … prep for a self tan” which explains everything you need to know about getting your skin into tip-top form for self tanning.  Once your skin is completely clean and dry, you’re ready to get self tanning!

TIP ALERT: Also, before applying any self tan, lightly cover the tops of your feet and ankles, knees, elbows, hands and wrists with a thin layer of a lightweight oil-free moisturiser. This will help to prevent unwanted tan build up on common areas that are often dry for a more natural looking tan. 

Started from the bottom – Drake

When it comes to applying self tan, first things first, use a tanning mitt to protect your hands from the tell-tale signs of self tanning. For seamless application, get yourself a mitt, like the Smitten Mitten, which will help you ace streak-free, well-blended natural tanning results.

Once you’re ready to go, pump 3-5 full pumps of the self tan mousse into your tanning mitt and apply in circular motions starting from the bottom (thanks Drake for the self tan tip!) of your lower legs, from the ankle up, skimming over the knee before working your way up your body.  

**Drake probably didn’t intend for the song Started From the Bottom to be relevant to self tanners but now we’re here, with a catchy reminder as to how to apply self tan.

Liberally apply the self tan mousse to the thighs before continuing up across the bottom, lower back, stomach, breast area and décolletage, blending the neck with our Blender Brush.

Next, tan over each shoulder, the back of the neck and down the sides of the torso. Tan each arm, stopping at the wrists. Then, use the excess product on the mitt and blend from the ankle down to across the top of each foot and from the wrist down to the back of the hand, blending in-between the fingers with the Blender Brush. We love to finish with a general blend all over (especially if it is hot) to ensure all desired parts have been covered with the self tan mousse.

TIP ALERT: The bronzer colour guide in the #ThereSheGlows and #ThereHeGlows mousses will make it easy for you to see where you have applied and where you haven’t.

Let the bronzing commence

Now that you have finished applying the self tan, all that’s left to do is to put on your comfiest pjs and settle in for a night of Netflix (**we can’t wait for Bridgerton 2.0**) while your self tan transforms your skin to bronzed skin goals overnight. The next morning, remember to wash off the bronzer colour guide before heading off for your day.

Want to know how to maintain a self tan? Make sure to keep a look out for our next article.

Stay Golden xx