How to… maintain a self tan

While keeping your New Year resolutions may be hard, maintaining a golden #ThereWeGlow self tan is easy with our simple hacks.

Thanks to our #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan, it’s easy to get a nourishing natural sunkissed glow all year round, without the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun or having to leave the privacy of your own home.  Depending on your lifestyle and skincare regime, each application of self tan will typically last a few days before it begins to fade away. 

But rest assured, if you have followed our tips and tricks on “How to… prep for a self tan” and “How to… apply self tan at home”, you have already nailed the fundamentals to tan maintenance.  In this article of The Glow-To Journal, we talk about how the right self tan and a little TLC does wonders for extending the gloriously golden life of each application of self tan and for ensuring an even fade.

Choose nourishing self tan products

Keeping your skin well hydrated by drinking your recommended intake of water and by moisturising on the regular (including after each time you shower) will help keep that tan glowing longer.

It’s also important to choose self tan products that nourish your skin.  Our #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan is jam packed with nourishing ingredients to assist your skin to stay hydrated on each application.

In a world where beauty and wellness trends come and go, some natural ingredients stand the test of time, proving their efficacy and versatility repeatedly.  Our favourite natural hydrating ingredients (which can all be found in our #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan) include Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Coconut.  Together, they form a nourishing power trio leaving your skin soft and hydrated with each application. 

Talc problems areas before exercising

First things first, make sure you have showered off the bronzer before you hit your workout.  Otherwise, you run the risk of a streaky, uneven tan.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Now, once your tan has developed, friction and sweat will accelerate the fade of your tan.  So, if you love to workout, our top tip for keeping your self tan intact during your workout is to apply talcum powder to areas that are typically exposed to friction and sweat.  Think the crevices of your elbows and knees, your underarms, your ankles where your socks rub and your chest where your sports bra rests.  Talc is excellent for absorbing natural perspiration and protecting against friction from fabrics that get warm against the skin and buff away your gorgeous self tan.

If you’re heading outside to exercise (or for any reason), make sure to ALWAYS apply a high factor sunscreen on your face and body to protect your skin from those ultraviolet sun rays.   

Freshen up with a cool shower

Long, hot showers are super drying to the skin so try to keep your showers as cool as possible.  Also, after each shower, make sure to softly pat your body dry (as being vigorous with your towel will buff your tan away) before following up with an ultra-hydrating lotion!

Ready to say goodbye

When you’re finally ready to say goodbye to your current tan, and say hello to a gorgeous fresh self tan, make sure to keep an eye out for our next article.

Stay Golden xx