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How to… maintain a self tan

While keeping your New Year resolutions may be hard, maintaining a golden #ThereWeGlow self tan is easy with our simple hacks.

Thanks to our #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan, it’s easy to get a nourishing natural sunkissed glow all year round, without the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun or having to leave the privacy of your own home.  Depending on your lifestyle and skincare regime, each application of self tan will typically last a few days before it begins to fade away. 

But rest assured, if you have followed our tips and tricks on “How to… prep for a self tan” and “How to… apply self tan at home”, you have already nailed the fundamentals to tan maintenance.  In this article of The Glow-To Journal, we talk about how the right self tan and a little TLC does wonders for extending the gloriously golden life of each application of self tan and for ensuring an even fade.

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How to… apply self tan at home

Ready to get glowing but not sure how to best apply your #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan mousse. Well, this article by the #ThereWeGlow team is for you.  

Achieving a flawless natural looking tan at home is as easy as following a few simple steps: a good prep routine, an amazing self tan (*enter #ThereWeGlow Clear Self Tan*) and the help of our Application Kit and a little bit of moisturiser.  We’re exploring each of these steps in The Glow-To Journal and this article is all about nailing the self tan application process.

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How to… prep for a self tan

Want a more flawless and longer lasting self tan? Well, you’re not alone.

As with most things in life, preparation is the key to success … and the secret behind a natural-looking golden glow. That’s why the #ThereWeGlow team have collated this simple prep guide filled with golden advice to get you on your way to becoming a self tan guru.

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How to… choose the right self tan

There’s a good chance you’re feeling pretty pale right about now. While we’re all for embracing fair skin, it’s normal to want a hint of colour to feel our best. For us, there is no product that possesses the confidence boosting sorcery of a self tan. But with so many different self tanning products on the market, it can be hard to work out which one is right for you. That is, until now …

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